TLC Magazine (The Local Community Magazine) was originally started in March of 2011. With it’s tremendous success, the focus then and now is the small businesses of our community. A dream that develops in the heart of the visionary, eventually develops into a small business. The small business owner is vital to our cities and towns because their vision, connections, products and services is what continues to provide that personal touch to our community. If we loose that personal touch, that dream, that vision, we loose ourselves.

This is why TLC Magazine is created. To bring to remembrance and life the importance of small businesses. Those creative products and ideas that come from our small business owners is what truly shapes our world today. Amazon, Walmart and other businesses would not be successful if it were not for many of the small business suppliers that started with a dream, and developed into a major company.



With TLC Magazine, we want to, in some small way, help promote the dreams and visions of small businesses and showcase it to the world!

Our Mission…

To spread TLC Magazine online and in print all through small communities all over the US and eventually the world!

You can help us do that by sharing our Facebook pages and posts! Lets start promoting!